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Announcing Malin Svensson's NEW
My Nordic Walking Coach Kit

From: Malin Svensson
Los Angeles, Calif., USA

Hi all Nordic Walkers (aspiring, beginners and advanced),

I had an eye opening moment a couple of weeks ago, but before I share it with you I want to ask you a question: While Nordic Walking, are you burning 1% or the promised benefits of 20%- 46% more calories than regular walking? My friend Ann, to whom I taught Nordic Walking seven years ago – most likely only burns 1% more calories. When I watched her technique (in horror!) the other week, I actually asked her to promise me to not tell anyone that I was the one that had taught her Nordic Walking….By not checking in with her in seven years, a Monster Nordic Walking technique had been created. HELP!

To just purchase Nordic Walking poles, is not a guarantee to get all the amazing benefits from Nordic Walking. You have to know how to use them. And you need to maintain a good technique.

Ann was an inspiration to this product that I’m offering: “My Nordic Walking Coach Kit". Finally, I will be able to be there for you every step of the way making sure you achieve your best Nordic Walking technique ever. Now you will be able to burn 20%-46% more calories than regular walking so you can get fit faster! Are you excited? Good. Me too!

I Am Your Personal Nordic Walking Coach

Originally from Sweden, I came to the United States in 1989 with a Masters Degree in Physical Education. Besides being a former nationally ranked track and field athlete, I have 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a personal fitness trainer certified by NASM and NSCA. And I’m one of the four INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) International Coaches in the world.

Nordic Body Inc. is a community based wellness company of which I’m the owner and president. We help people get fit and stay fit to live a longer, happier and healthier life. The tools we use are Functional Strength Training, Nordic Walking, Sensible Eating and an Active Lifestyle. We provide 360 degree support from online (products) to offline (private sessions, retreats) all the way into your community (group classes).

For the past seven years, I have been busy traveling throughout North America, Europe and New Zealand teaching fitness professionals Nordic Walking, writing manuals, creating the breakdown of the Nordic Walking technique into 10 Steps (still used by INWA), starting up Nordic Walking in other countries, presenting Nordic Walking at conventions worldwide, accepting a book (on Nordic Walking) deal from the top publisher in the fitness industry and I have been featured in LA Times, The NY Times (twice), The Wall Street Journal, Fitness, Body+Soul, All You and Weight Watchers.

While that is all good, I didn’t realize I had neglected the Nordic Walkers who can’t come to my Saturday morning class in Santa Monica. I had to do something, and I had to act fast before I ended up creating more Monster Nordic Walking techniques.

For all you veteran Nordic Walkers this product will work as a tune-up to get you re-aligned with your Nordic Walking technique so you are not wasting your time but wasting calories – burning much more calories than you ever could have imagined! Now you can finally get fit faster!

For all you novice or aspiring Nordic Walkers who may not even have had a chance to purchase Nordic Walking poles (offered as an option in conjunction to purchasing this product), this product will teach you everything you need to know about Nordic Walking and to get in shape faster than regular walking.

Nordic Walking = the answer to the most common obstacles to exercise

  1. Endless health, weight loss and fitness benefits

  2. There is not one fitness activity out there that provides so many health benefits as Nordic Walking. Based on a study from the Cooper’s Institute in Dallas, Texas, you burn on an average 20% more calories Nordic Walking (basic technique) compared to regular walking. Depending on your technique, individuals burned up to 46% (advanced technique).

              • Burn more calories with less effort
              • Strengthen the upper body
              • Low impact and pain-free
              • Improve aerobic capacity
              • Decrease tension in shoulder/neck area
              • Increase intensity as if running without the high impact
  3. Save Time

  4. In today’s fast-paced society it is hard to find time to exercise – except if you Nordic Walk. At the end of the Nordic Walking poles you will find a removable asphalt paw. Take it off for surfaces like grass, dirt, sand and icy areas. Keep it on for hard surfaces like asphalt. This way you can go Nordic Walking anywhere! Also Nordic Walking is more productive - you strengthen the upper body plus you burn more calories than regular walking.

              • Get a full-body workout right outside the door step
              • No more wasting time driving to exercise
              • You have to walk 1 ˝ hr to burn the same calories as Nordic Walking in 1 hr
  5. Save Money

  6. We are all watching our spending these days; that is why Nordic Walking is a sensible investment. Most high quality poles have a lifetime guarantee on the shaft so you only need one pair of poles per lifetime. Besides poles, you need a good pair of Nordic Walking shoes, and after some great instructions on how to use the poles, you are all set.

              • One pair of poles + one pair of shoes
              • Nordic Walking outdoors is FREE
  7. Reduce Stress

  8. Do you ever feel that you spend all your time indoors? In the car, in the office and in the gym. Step outside and go Nordic Walking in a park, and give your body and mind a break. Connecting with Mother Earth via the poles will feel grounding and the rhythm of Nordic Walking is soothing and meditative.

              • Outdoor breaks are rejuvenating
              • Connect with Mother Earth
              • Nordic Walking rhythm is soothing and meditative
  9. Have More Fun

  10. A student once told me she doesn’t like walking, but that Nordic Walking is fun because it gives her something to do. According to studies, it also enhances your mood. Have you ever noticed how time stands still when you are walking on a treadmill indoors, but when Nordic Walking outdoors time flies! Also, grab a friend and walk – more motivational.

              • Enhances your mood
              • Nordic Walking with a friend is more motivational
              • Time flies when Nordic Walking outdoors

I have trained thousands of clients in Nordic Walking and here are a few success stories:


“Stomach fat decreased, posture improved, and core strength increased”

"Malin's personalized instruction and attention to my walking form has been invaluable and something I could not have achieved on my own. I notice my stomach fat disappearing and my posture improving as I feel my core muscles strengthening, all after my first week of Nordic walking."

Barbara Powers


“ Newly Weds Fall in Love with Nordic Walking”

Malin, thanks for the “Introduction to Nordic Walking.” Not only was it informative, but it really did get me excited about doing Nordic Walking. I was 50/50 before – now I’m just about 100%. Very surprising how different and how much better I felt doing this than just regular walking! I walk about 2 miles or more every night, but after today’s class, even for the short distance, my whole body is sore, mainly my arms and shoulders – which is a good thing. It just proves that this is a true total body workout, without the need for hundreds of dollars worth of equipment. Nordic Walking might be tough to get into at first, in terms of style and “image,” but once you try Nordic Walking and feel the benefits one quickly gets over that because Nordic Walking is probably the best workout possible. As far as the technique, what really helped most was timing. Walking in rhythm might seem natural, but…well, I was surprised how Nordic Walking helped my body feel more “in sync”.

Matt Misetich
Executive Producer
Manhattan beach, CA


I’ve tried a variety of different activities, including running. What’s great about Nordic Walking is that it increases my heart rate practically without my knowing it. I’m getting the same sort of workout as running, but without the pounding on the skeleton, and without the exhaustion. Even after my first session, I can feel that my arms and shoulders have gotten stronger. Although new to Nordic Walking, Malin’s instructions and guidance helped me immensely improve my technique. Malin not only showed in a clear and effective way how to properly Nordic Walk, but how to incorporate it into my everyday lifestyle.”

Jennifer Misetich
Law Student
Manhattan Beach, CA


“Nordic Walking strengthens your muscles without joint pain”

We (my sister, my brother in-law and I) have been taking the Nordic Walking class by Malin for the past couple of months and I feel that my body is changing and getting stronger all the time. I have done more than half a dozen half-marathons and the last one only 8 months ago, but this exercise has really strengthened my muscles - without joint pain! Malin is an inspirational instructor who is very passionate about her work and it shows every day. She is determined to make sure each and everyone has a perfect posture and technique to get the best benefits from the exercise. We hope to continue with our training with Malin and Nordic Body for a very long time.

Laleh Amaya, 44
Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
Los Angeles, CA


“Increase your speed, burn more calories and avoid injuries”

From afar, Nordic Walking looks pretty intuitive, but you’d be surprised at how refining your technique really helps you realize the most benefit out of it. Malin talks you through all the finer points of finessing your technique to increase your speed, burn more calories and avoid injury.

Jody Gittleman, 55
Graphic Artist
Los Angeles, CA


“Nordic Walking Weight Loss Benefit: Loss of a Dress Size”

I have fallen in love with this sport (Nordic Walking), think Malin's the best, and have achieved so many benefits including the loss of a dress size! I never anticipated the tone and muscle I've built in my arms and shoulders as well as so many other benefits. Since taking lessons from Malin over 9 months ago, I've Nordic Walked almost every day! At my age I’m thrilled to have found a safe, energizing, fun and attention getting exercise!

Judith Fleisher
Century City, CA


How does “My Nordic Walking Coach” kit work?

You will be able to See, Hear and Apply correct Nordic Walking technique by using the photos in the Nordic Walking book and by listening to the 5 CDs. A 4 wk calendar & a pedometer are included so you can easily keep track of your progress to reach real results!

This is what you will receive in your “My Nordic Walking Coach” Kit.

  • 1 Nordic Walking book by Malin Svensson: At the convenience of your home, learn and observe from photos in the Nordic Walking book the correct technique one step at a time at your own pace.
  • 8 audio Nordic Walking workouts: I have recorded eight audio workouts on 5 CDs. Each of the eight audio workouts differs in length, difficulty, and theme, helping beginners through advanced Nordic Walkers optimize their technique and get fit faster. The workouts are integrated with the book. Visualize one photo and step in your mind as you go out Nordic Walking. Apply it as you listen to instructions by Nordic Walking Expert, Malin Svensson.
  • 1 Pedometer (step counter): Another way to burn more calories (with less effort!) to get fit faster is to lead an active lifestyle. An example is that you park the car further away from the entrance to a building so you can use your legs as transportation instead of your car. Both your health and the health of the environment will improve. Every step counts. Studies show that 10,000 steps daily improve health benefits. That is why we have included a motivational tool like the pedometer that will keep track of all those steps you take during the day. It is an upscale pedometer that also estimates how many calories you burn.
  • 1 Nordic Body 4 week Calendar: The purpose of Nordic Walking is to burn more calories (with less effort!) to get fit faster, so we have included a one page Calendar to keep track of your progress. You will enter daily into the calendar only three things: time (from your watch), steps (from the pedometer) and calories (from the pedometer).
  • the duration of your structured walk or Nordic Walk
  • total steps including the structured walk or Nordic Walk and other extra, un-structured bonus steps you take throughout the day (active lifestyle)
  • total amount of estimated calories you burn throughout the day as you move the body
  • 1 Nordic Body magnet: A magnet is included so you can put the calendar up on the fridge.


Do you need Nordic Walking poles?

In the New York Times (July 23, 2009), LEKI Nordic Walking poles were rated as the number one choice. The LEKI Platinium is one of my favorites and we sell it here as an option. Let me tell you why I like it.

Why Malin likes the LEKI Platinium Nordic Walking Poles.

It is a fixed length pole which allows you to just grab it and go. No hassle to adjust it. The shaft is 100% carbon which makes it very light yet sturdy to last a lifetime, as well as to avoid any unnecessary vibration. You want the pole to absorb any vibration - not the body.

The grip is a “Shark Grip” which means you can easily click the strap in and out of the pole - if you need your hands to be free fast. The grip is partially made of cork material to prevent sweaty hands in the summer and to keep your hands warm in the winter.

The strap is called “Trigger 3 Strap” and it is so comfortable for all the fingers and the thumb – especially if you deal with arthritis. It is easy to get into and it is well made.

At the end of the pole you have the famous asphalt paw which is a rubber tip you keep on for Nordic Walking on hard surfaces like asphalt. You remove it to expose a spike tip when you want to Nordic Walk on softer surfaces like grass, sand or dirt. This is what makes Nordic Walking so versatile – you can basically walk on any surface! I’m glad to find a basket at the end of the pole. It makes it so much easier to line up the asphalt paw in the right direction. The basket and the asphalt paw should point in the same direction – backwards. And last but not least I like the look – it is both cool and sophisticated!

*LEKI Platinium Nordic Walking Poles shipped separately.



Get a BONUS “Walk Your Way Slim” Workout as featured in the April 2010 Fitness Magazine. Burn more calories than your regular walking workout and it will shape your legs, butt, core and arms. And as a bonus you will also improve your gait to promote balance in your muscles and to prevent injuries. At Nordic Body we build sexy and strong bodies that will function and last you a lifetime.


Malin’s Ironclad Results Guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee I’m so confident in the value of this kit that I happily offer you a full money-back guarantee. If you decide within 60 days of purchase that this kit is not for you, simply return the book, CDs, CD Box, calendar, pedometer and magnet in perfect condition and I will happily refund 100% of your investment.


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Remember, I stand 100% behind this product. If you decide this kit is not for you, just return the entire contents of the kit, in perfect condition, and ask for your money back anytime up to 60 days from your purchase. I will happily refund 100% of your investment. Get this great deal now, and make up your mind later!

Are you ready to have fun, maximize your workout, and get fit faster than ever? Let's go!

Your Nordic Walking Coach,

Malin Svensson

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the every client and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or hers personal commitment to improving their health.

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