Programs & Workshops

What is the Nordic Body Academy?

It is the educational part of Nordic Body Inc. for personal fitness trainers. The Nordic Body Academy empowers novice and experienced fitness professionals to fast track their fitness business by offering business programs, educational workshops and a network of like-minded fitness professionals.

Malin’s Mastermind

to grow your fitness business with a supportive network


This Monthly Membership Program, Malin’s Mastermind Group, is designed to empower you to build your fitness business amongst supportive, inspirational and motivated Personal Fitness Trainers to create long-lasting success.

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How to Keep Clients and Make 100k+/Year


In the four-hour interactive workshop “How to keep clients and make $100,000+/year” , fitness professionals will be getting the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a successful one-on-one fitness training business by applying business techniques and the best customer service training in the fitness industry to get and keep clients.

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Affiliate Program

to increase passive income


When you refer specific Nordic Body products and services to people who will benefit from them, you will receive a 20% commission each time they make a purchase.  That can add up to a nice sum pretty fast without too much effort!

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