Success Stories


Malin Svensson of Nordic Body saved my life!

I tell all my friends that Malin Svensson of Nordic Body saved my life. I am a 75 year old woman, who had back surgery and neuropathy in my feet and thus I could no longer play golf or do watercolor painting. Then I found Malin through friends my same age. After one session I knew that she was different from other trainers I had used. She is a consummate professional, who knows how to work with your aging body. She has helped me strengthen my muscles and improve my balance. I am now back to the activities I used to do and I look forward to every session – even though I really don’t like exercise! I am happy to refer her to all my friends.

- Ruth Salk, A VIP Client who works out with Malin 2x a week & a happy golfer
Los Angeles, CA


I loved the Strong Body + Mind Program workshop!

Malin packed the day with practical information to jumpstart my fitness journey. From the hands on experience of doing the exercises, to the physiology behind the exercises it was very comprehensive and I left being able to implement her strategies at home including being able to overcome the mindset obstacles to achieve my fitness goals to live a fuller more dynamic life!”

- Margaret French Isaac, participant of the Strong Body + Mind Program 10/29 workshop
Los Angeles, CA


Increase your speed, burn more calories and avoid injuries

From afar, Nordic Walking looks pretty intuitive, but you’d be surprised at how refining your technique really helps you realize the most benefit out of it. Malin talks you through all the finer points of finessing your technique to increase your speed, burn more calories and avoid injury.

- Jody Gittleman
Graphic Artist, Los Angeles, CA


Stomach fat decreased, posture improved, and core strength increased

Malin’s personalized instruction and attention to my walking form has been invaluable and something I could not have achieved on my own. I notice my stomach fat disappearing and my posture improving as I feel my core muscles strengthening, all after my first week of Nordic walking.

- Barbara Powers, Writer




Newly weds fall in love with Nordic Walking

Malin, thanks for the “Introduction to Nordic Walking”. Not only was it informative, but it really did get me excited about doing Nordic Walking. I was 50/50 before – now I’m just about 100%. Very surprising how different and how much better I felt doing this than just regular walking! I walk about 2 miles or more every night, but after today’s class, even for the short distance, my whole body is sore, mainly my arms and shoulders – which is a good thing. It just proves that this is a true total body workout, without the need for hundreds of dollars worth of equipment. Nordic Walking might be tough to get into at first, in terms of style and “image”, but once you try Nordic Walking and feel the benefits one quickly gets over that because Nordic Walking is probably the best workout possible. As far as the technique, what really helped most was timing. Walking in rhythm might seem natural, but…well, I was surprised how Nordic Walking helped my body feel more “in sync”.

- Matt Misetich, Executive Producer
Manhattan Beach, CA


Nordic Walking strengthens your muscles without joint pain

We (my sister, my brother in-law and me) have been taking the Nordic Walking class by Malin for the past couple of months and I feel that my body is changing and getting stronger all the time. I have done more than half a dozen half-marathons and the last one only 8 months ago, but this exercise has really strengthened my muscles – without joint pain! Malin is an inspirational instructor who is very passionate about her work and it shows every day. She is determined to make sure each and everyone has a perfect posture and technique to get the best benefits from the exercise. We hope to continue with our training with Malin and Nordic Body for a very long time.

- Laleh Amaya, Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
Los Angeles, CA




Nordic Walking weight loss benefit: Down a dress size

I have fallen in love with this sport (Nordic Walking), think Malin’s the best, and have achieved so many benefits including the loss of a dress size! I never anticipated the tone and muscle I’ve built in my arms and shoulders as well as so many other benefits. Since taking lessons from Malin over 9 months ago, I’ve Nordic Walked almost every day! At my age I’m thrilled to have found a safe, energizing, fun and attention getting exercise!

- Judith Fleisher
Century City, CA


Stronger arms and shoulders after just one session

I’ve tried a variety of different activities, including running. What’s great about Nordic Walking is that it increases my heart rate practically without my knowing it. I’m getting the same sort of workout as running, but without the pounding on the skeleton, and without the exhaustion. Even after my first session, I can feel that my arms and shoulders have gotten stronger. Although new to Nordic Walking, Malin’s instructions and guidance helped me immensely improve my technique. Malin not only showed in a clear and effective way how to properly Nordic Walk, but how to incorporate it into my everyday lifestyle.

- Jennifer Misetich
Manhattan Beach, CA


The Nordic Walking Challenge Is A Fun and Easy Way to Exercise

I really enjoyed the Nordic walking challenge. Malin’s coaching was easy to follow and very motivational. I liked the fact that there were different levels taught in the videos, so I could do the level that was a best fit for for Me. The challenge also motivated me to exercise every day, and so did the FaceBook group. This was a fun and easy way to exercise and get fit.

- Lisa Johansson

Nordic Walking benefit: staying fit

You gave me a skill that has allowed me to stay fit. I walk every day sometimes up to 6 miles.

- Francia B.


Back in shape in my fifties

“I was in my fifties when I decided to get back into shape. With Malin’s masterful training methods, she designed an impressive work-out for my needs. I have experienced several trainers at top rated gyms, but not one could compare to how talented, enthusiastic, inspiring, conscientious and thoughtful Malin is.”

- Kathy Sarreal, Los Angeles

The 30 day Nordic Walking Challenge was perfect!

I appreciated Malin’s thorough and clear instructions on her videos. I love the thorough warm ups and stretches. She is clear and precise so that we can all feel empowered to find the perfect method of Nordic walking. The pace of instruction and expectations were perfect for all levels of fitness, so that beginner’s would not lose faith in their ability to learn the technique and for the more advanced participants they got their challenge to always improve. Malin has positive energy for all of us to keep us moving forward with great tips. Malin was always checking in to see our progress and was prompt in replying to our comments on Facebook. She addressed us as a group and individually. It was a great support for all. I would certainly recommend this program to other Nordic walkers.

- Nina LePage
Ottawa, Canada

A Converted Non-Exerciser

“I’m 69, and have mild osteoporosis, and I do not want to take Fosamax for the rest of my life. My doctor suggests strength training – and Malin offers exactly that, with care to tailor the exercises to what someone of my age can reasonable do. As a non-exerciser for many decades, I know I need to make mental changes as well as physical. Malin’s “Strong Body + Mind” program addresses both.”

- Tina Tomiyama, Los Angeles

Eye-opening and Motivational

The Strong Body + Mind Program was eye-opening and motivational. I learned practical strength-training exercises that I could do on my own and even at home. Malin is a great teacher who gets down to business and stays steady through her training and coaching.”

- Brad Stauffer, West Hollywood