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Malin’s Movements

Discover Malin’s Movements –
Your Passport to Vibrant Aging!

The purpose of this 30-minute video is for you to Awaken and Reconnect with your body by doing some fun and new movements you may never have done before. You will feel more confident, stronger, more flexible and you may even experience decreased pain. This is a taste of some of the pillars in the Nordic Body System™️. We start easy, slowly, gradually building it up in the middle and finishing with some wonderful stretching accompanied with slow, deep breathing. Sounds good? Let’s get started! 

What do you need?

  • Dressed in clothes without restrictions.
  • Shoes are optional.
  • A sturdy chair.
  • A yoga mat is optional.

Embrace vitality with Malin's Movements – because age is just a number!

This video is your key to staying fit, healthy, and full of vitality as you embrace the golden years.

With Malin's expert guidance, you'll embark on a personalized fitness adventure tailored specifically to your needs. From gentle body awareness reminders to invigorating and functional positions, each movement is thoughtfully designed to enhance your strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, balance, speed, reaction, stamina, mindset and overall well-being. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or new to the world of exercise, Malin's Movements offers a welcoming space to explore and thrive. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your full potential and enjoy life to the fullest. Get the video and make aging the most fulfilling chapter of your journey.