Affiliate Program

What’s An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate, associate or referral program is basically a revenue-sharing agreement between a person with a product (me) and a person who knows others who could benefit from the product (you). It’s a win-win situation for both of us. We both make money on a sale that might not have happened without your help.

Who Qualifies As An Affiliate?

Anyone can be an affiliate as long as you promote my products in an ethical and lawful manner.
Translation: Don’t promote my products using bulk email methods (spam) or via websites with offensive content.

How Can I Make Money?

When you join the affiliate program, you’ll automatically get a special link that you’ll use to send visitors to my site. Your unique affiliate number will be embedded in that link so I know the visitor came from you. You will earn 20% commission on Nordic Body products and services like the Walking + Fitness Retreat, 30 day Nordic Walking Challenge… Products from outside vendors like LEKI and Perform Better are not part of the affiliate program.

Important: Use your special links in the Affiliate Center every time you refer people to one of our Products.

When they buy one of our products, you get a commission. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to banners and other graphics and articles you can use to promote Nordic Body Products, and you’ll also receive easy tips on how to increase potential sales. I want you to succeed.

Who Wants these Products?

Do you know anyone who would like to get in shape and burn more calories with less effort? Of course you do. Everyone does. Getting fit and staying fit is essential to every person regardless gender and age. Whether you are in contact with people who would like to get in shape online or offline, they can all benefit from products and services like online coaching, private sessions, retreats and community classes.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once your earnings hit the minimum pay out amount of $100, you will get paid via PayPal. Please let us know if you do not have a PayPal account and prefer to receive a check. My shopping cart system does all the work and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can log-in to your affiliate account anytime and check your stats. It couldn’t be more simple!

Where Do I Sign Up?

Just click the link at the bottom of the page, and you’ll be asked a few basic questions like your name, email… You can be making money before you go to bed tonight!

What Happens Next?

You will receive a welcome email from us with your unique link, user name, and password. You can change your password at anytime. If you don’t receive an email from us shortly after you completed and submitted your application, please check your spam folder or email us at [email protected].

How Do I Log Into the Affiliate Website?

To access your affiliate account at any time, simply log in here. You can look up your commissions, update your password…We recommend that you bookmark this link so you can easily access it at any time.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started. Sign up for the Nordic Body Affiliate Program!