Ageless Attitude

Nordic Body Blog - Ageless Attitude

When somebody says complainingly, “I’m getting old,” I always ask the question, “What is the alternative?” It may take a moment, but when they finally realize I mean death, a smile of enlightenment spreads across their face.


We started to get old the minute we were conceived, and from that moment, we want to develop, learn, and explore, and we can’t wait until we get to be 21. Shortly after, we start having a hard time saying our age, and we want to stay forever 21, right? It is impossible, of course. I’ve been there. At age 22, I lived in Paris and worked as a model, and I thought my life was over. Yes, it is true. Crazy but true. All the other girls were 17 to 19. To be 22 was old. It was the only (so far J) age crisis that I have had in my life.


Living in a world where beauty and youth are crucial to your survival and existence, people get unhealthily fixated on staying and looking young. Now that I have lived close to Hollywood for 20 years, I have been able to change attitudes, thank god. I embrace every decade as a new chapter in my life filled with new adventures and new goals. What I enjoyed doing in my twenties I may not even enjoy in my forties. I train my clients with the same approach – I know their age, but I always teach them based on their capacity and needs and not based on their age. There are times, I admit when my clients blow me away. For example, when my 82-year-old takes one step up three steps of the stairs without holding onto anything! Here I thought I inspired my clients, but they inspire me when they show me this ageless attitude.


A smile of enlightenment spreads across my face.


As a fitness expert for 25 years for the 50+ population, I have witnessed fantastic progress and results for people that have stayed consistent over time. I’m sure you can see how it’s all related. Weak bones, weak muscles equals pain. Strong bones, healthy muscles equals less pain and more quality of life.

According to ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), strength training should be performed at least twice a week with 8-10 different exercises that target all major muscle groups. And of course, you must do them correctly to avoid injuries. And that is exactly what the Nordic Body System is all about.

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