76% of adults 55+ use digital health

digital health

Active-aging organizations may want to pay more attention to their digital health platforms and infrastructure, as 2022 saw digital health adoption increases among groups that have long been underserved, according to the latest survey from Rock Health. Of note, the biggest year-over-year increases were seen among respondents ages 55+ (76%, up from 64% in 2021); those living in rural areas (73%, up from 60%); and respondents without health insurance at the time of the survey (50%, up from 37%)

Telemedicine use also increased among women, with 82% reporting having used the technology (up from 83%). Eighty-two percent of Hispanic respondents reported telemedicine use, reflecting a 9% increase since 2021—the greatest percentage point increase among all racial and ethnic groups captured by the survey.

Wearable ownership among older, lower-income, and lower-educational attainment respondents also reached an all-time high in 2022 (21% versus 18%),) and a consistent upward trajectory from 2019 (13%).

Although video telemedicine is somewhat unchanged from 2021, increased use was noted across all other telemedicine modalities — live phone rose 12% to 57%; health app or website telemedicine use climbed 11% to 48%, email telemedicine rose 9% to 43% and text messaging grew 8 points to 36%.


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SOURCE: Rock Health (February 21, 2023); Consumer adoption of digital health in 2022: Moving at the speed of trust. To read the findings recently released findings, click here