About Nordic Body

Nordic Body’s Mission

Nordic Body is a walking and fitness club committed to inspire the 50+ crowd to live a fun, healthy and fulfilling life by providing 360-degree support from online to live programs including holistic fitness retreats, private sessions, workshops and community classes.

What’s Unique about Nordic Body?

Nordic Body is based on the Nordic Body System created by Nordic Body creator and celebrity trainer Malin Svensson. It is a 20+ year proven system used on Hollywood icons, Fortune 500 Leaders, and everyday people to rewire body and mind habits. The best way to achieve strength in body and mind after 50 is to follow the Nordic Body System step by step.

Most workout systems fail because your mind is not programmed for success. By discovering new ways to change your thoughts, you will feel empowered and motivated to exercise. You'll explore different ways to move your body, making sure it is pain-free, doing it correctly to stay injury-free while getting your muscles, bones, and heart strong, plus improving the flexibility and mobility of the muscles and joints. These body and mind practices enhance and play a key role in living a fun, healthy, and fulfilling life well into your 60’s 70’s 80’s and beyond.