Empower and Embrace Aging

Empower and Embrace Aging

Jane Fonda

"I love working out under Malin’s watchful eye. She knows how to give me an effective, carefully constructed workout with emphasis on functionality — as it should be at my age!"

Lily Tomlin

"I have never been so consistent in working out and it has paid off. Malin has helped me get stronger while staying injury-free!"

Do you want to safely strengthen your body, decrease aches and pains, and prevent injuries?

Welcome to Nordic Body, where we prioritize your well-being. Created by renowned trainer Malin Svensson, our program has been fine-tuned for over 30+ years to strengthen your body, reduce aches and pains, and prevent injuries as you age.

At Nordic Body, we focus on simplicity and effectiveness. Our signature concept revolves around building strong muscles and bones, ensuring a pain-free and injury-resistant journey through aging. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast like Jane Fonda or a beginner, our mission is consistent: empower your body and mind to age with confidence.

🔷 No gym? No problem.

🔷 Achieve real results from the comfort of your home.

🔷 Minimal space and no fancy equipment required.

🔷 Suitable for all fitness levels with three difficulty options for each exercise.

Ready to get started? Choose the option that best suits you.



If you are disciplined and only need to work out live online with Malin once a month and have access to the recorded workout video - then you would sign up for EXPERIENCE.

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TRANSFORM Membership

If you want to be more consistent and work out live online with Malin at least once a week and get some personal coaching from her - then you would sign up for TRANSFORM.

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If you don't want to commit to a monthly membership or be part of a supportive community, no worries, we've got you covered - just sign up for the single weekly Nordic Body Classes Online.

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